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Information Directory of Family-Friends Goods and Services in Southeast Ohio and the Area Known as 'Little Appalachia'

Showcase Listing: Miller Baked Goods


Showcase Listing:

Miller Baked Goods


4325 Cooperriders Rd
Somerset, OH  43783




About Miller's Baked Goods

My name is Arlene and I love baking!  When I was growing up there were always baked goods around the house because Mom wanted her family to be happy.  Naturally, my sisters and I picked up the art.  I have discovered it is a good way to keep my own family happy as well.

Until now, I have sold my breads, cookies, and rolls to local businesses at the farmers market.  My customers’ favorites are listed below but I will gladly add whatever you suggest to the list.  I love to experiment with new recipes.  Whatever you’re hungry for, give me a call – I’ll be glad to discuss the options.

Weddings, Parties & Special Occasions

If you would like a special treat for a special occasion, consider 4” mini-pies, homemade dinner rolls, or a light and moist angel food cake.  Your guests will feel even more special when you serve them good food.

Pick-up, Delivery, Mail Orders

Call ahead to place an order which can be picked up during the hours below.  Deliveries will be made to Perry, Morgan, Muskingum, Fairfield and Licking counties.  If you are not in these areas, call me; it may be possible to arrange a special delivery.  Please give me at least 3 days advance notice so that I can fit it into my schedule.  Call me about mail order requests.

Available Baked Goods

  • $ 3.75  Cinnamon Rolls (eight) - plain or topped with either caramel, vanilla or maple icing
  • $ 2.50  Bread (approx 1.25 lb. loaf) - wheat, white, wheat-white
  • $ 2.25  Banana Bread (with or without nuts)
  • $ 2.50  Pineapple-Zucchini Bread (with or without nuts)
  • $ 2.25  Dinner Rolls (eight) - wheat, white, wheat-white
  • $ 3.50  Cookies (one dozen) - oatmeal, chocolate chip, sugar, raisin, special requests
  • $ 7.50  Crème or Fruit Pies – cherry, apple, blueberry, peach
  • $ 8.00  Pecan Pies
  • $ 1.00  Amish-type Fry Pies (each)
  • $ 6.00  Angel Food Cake - daffodil, peanut butter
  • $ 3.00  Grape Nuts (1 lb.) - not at all like you buy at the stores!
  • $ 1.75  Grape Nuts (8 oz.) - good cold or hot
  • $ 3.25  Egg Noodles (1 lb.)
  • $ 1.75  Egg Noodles (¼ lb)
Service Area

Order may be shipped to US and its territories.


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday.  Please NO SUNDAY CALLS.


Contact Information


740 743-1224



Mailing Address

Arlene Miller
4325 Cooperriders Rd
Somerset, OH  43783