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Information Directory of Family-Friends Goods and Services in Southeast Ohio and the Area Known as 'Little Appalachia'

Advertising Rates & Info

Under the right conditions, a donkey's honk can be heard for miles!  What better way to tell others about your business - let the Donkey Honk!

Listing Options

Free Listings

An individual or business providing goods and services may request a FREE listing (name, address, phone) to appear under one category of your choice.  It must be what the general public would consider 'family-friendly'.  We reserve the right to refuse any listing.

Showcase Listings

Where else can you get online advertising for $ 5.00 a month or less and with no set-up fees!?  It is an individual page on which no other advertisers appear.  It is a very inexpensive way to get your business on the web.  If you already have a website, this is yet another way to direct people to it which is always a good thing.

Each DonkeyHonk.com advertiser should, if possible, print "Find us at DonkeyHonk.com" on business cards, printed ads, websites, stationery items, bags and totes, signage, windows, etc.  This will help make the DonkeyHonk.com site even better known throughout communities.  That name recognition will increase hits to the site which, in turn, makes more opportunities for your business to be seen by others.  Even if you already have a website, by networking this way we all help each other just as many people are adding blurbs such as 'follow us on Facebook' or 'Twitter'.  BTW, DonkeyHonk.com is on Facebook, see https://www.facebook.com/donkeyhonk.

Showcase Listings - Details

Showcase Listings include the following:

Listing in the Main Directory

This listing is in the Main Directory on the home page.  Like the free listings, in this area your listing will appear - business name, address, phone number.  However, the name will be highlighted and linked to your individual Showcase Listing page so people can click to read more about your goods and services.  It may appear under two categories instead of just one.  For example:  A restaurant may also offer catering services and could be listed under both 'Restaurants' and 'Catering'.

Listing in the Showcase Listings Section

This listing in in the right-hand column of the Main Directory on the home page.  Your name is in bold, highlighted and also linked to your individual page.

Individual Showcase Listing Page

This is a separate page on which no other advertisers' information appears.  The individual page contains the following:


At the top right of the page will appear your picture (size 448 x 336 pixels) preferably showing you working at your craft or of your finished goods.  A digital photograph must be provided by you; it must be your own and not any photo taken from another website or that may be protected by copyright.  DonkeyHonk.com may be able to recommend a photographer if you cannot provide your own digital photos.

Contact Information

The Contact Information section may include up to four lines of text, approximately 50-55 characters including spaces and punctuation.  Click any of the names appearing under the heading "Showcase Listings" to see examples.

Link to Your Website (if applicable)

If you already have a website, a link to it will appear here; your website will open in a separate window.

Products & Services

This is a summary of the products and/or services you provide.  DonkeyHonk.com will be happy to help you with wording.  Think of what you would print in a brochure or pamphlet and use similar wording.

Business Hours

The days and times you are available for phone calls or your business hours.

More Information

Should more information be needed, another section may be added.  You may wish to list additional services you provide, your coverage area, rates, or other details your customers might need.

Contact Us Online Form (Not Yet Available)

This form is provided for the user to fill in contact information to request you contact him.  The request is sent to you via email.  Donkey Honk will not receive copies of contacts and cannot retrieve them for you nor send duplicates.

Promotional Blurbs in the eHonks Newsletter and/or DonkeyHonk.com on Facebook

A brief article featuring your business (wording and information to be provided by you) will appear in the eHonks newsletter at least twice a year.  This article is a 'teaser', something to make readers want to visit your Showcase Listing page and read more about your goods and services, take advantage of a special offer, or contact you regarding your business.  You may also include a coupon for a special offer or discount at any time.  See examples of past articles in the eHonks Newsletter Archives.

Showcase Listings - Rates

Option 1    $   15.00 for 3 months
Option 2    $   27.00 for 6 months - save 10%
Option 3    $   48.00 for 12 months - save 20%
Option 4    $  126.00 for 36 months (3 years) - save 30%
Option 5    $  180.00 for 60 months (5 years) - save 40%

Showcase Listings - Payment Options

After we have all the information necessary to set up your Showcase Listing, you may make payment by:

PayPal Subscribe

This payment method is preferred.  You must have a PayPal account to use this option.  A receipt is sent to you immediately via email.  Afterward, it is easier for you because you may monitor and change your subscription in your own PayPal account.  It is easier for me because I do not need to contact you regarding payments; PayPal will send you advance notice then automatically renew your subscription.

Credit Card or PayPal

Use the online shopping cart by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button (available soon).  Check out using a credit card or PayPal account.  A receipt is sent to you immediately via email.  Or call with your credit card information and a receipt can be sent via email or regular mail.

Check or Money Order

This option is available only for one-year or multiple-year subscriptions.  Invoices and receipts may be mailed or emailed.

Reminder to Our Showcase Listing Subscribers

Remember to print "Find us at DonkeyHonk.com" on business cards, stationery items, printed ads, websites, bags, signage, windows, etc.  This is especially helpful if you do not have a website f your own.




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